Listen More

My relationships improve when I listen more.

I speak less and listen more to grow as an individual. Listening to the ideas of others helps me expand my knowledge. My eyes are open to new thoughts I would have never had on my own. I make myself approachable so that others feel welcome to talk to me. I draw people to me with a sincere smile and a receptive attitude.

People love to speak to me because I abstain from making personal judgments. When I speak less and listen more, I cause others to open up and share valuable information with me. When I give others a chance to speak, I try to see things from their point of view. My relationships are improving because I have good listening skills. Listening is more than just paying attention to what another person has to say; it is giving thoughtful consideration to another's point of view. When others talk, I make eye contact, giving them my undivided attention.  I stop every other activity when I listen to others speak and focus on what the other person is saying. I refrain from planning my next statement while listening. I wait until the person is finished making their point before I formulate a response. I listen actively, nodding my head and asking clarification questions. I resist distractions and the desire to tune people out while they are speaking.  Today, I choose to listen to others with my entire focus. I turn the spotlight off myself and acknowledge the value of others. My relationships improve as I increase in selflessness, taking sincere interest in what others have to say. Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways can I improve my listening skills?

  2. How often do I give people my undivided attention?

  3. Do I routinely make eye contact during conversations?

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