I have the strength to walk away from unhealthy relationships.

I have the strength to walk away from unhealthy relationships.My personal wellbeing is one of my top priorities.

If someone threatens my peace and happiness by being mentally abusive or by constantly being negative towards me, I have the strength to walk away.

I owe it to myself to ensure that the relationship I am in is healthy.

I deserve to be treated well and I also deserve to be adored by my significant other. This is how relationships should be!

When I am feeling down, my significant other should comfort me and endeavor to make me smile. If I am hurt, my loved one should console me. When I need to talk, my other half should be ready and willing to listen. And if I want to spend time with my friends, I should be able to do so without repercussion.

All of these actions point towards a healthy relationship that is built upon love, trust, and friendship. Without these three vital components, a relationship is lost and loveless.

I have the strength to walk away from a relationship that makes me feel uneasy. Though I may feel love for the person, it is impossible to be in love with someone who treats me like a lesser partner. I may be in love with their company, but not their harmful actions.

Even if I have to be single, I would much rather be alone than in bad company!

Today, I deserve nothing less than the best. There are many fish in the sea; I'm certain that my destiny includes a loving romance.

Self-Reflection Questions: 1. Do I often stay in doomed relationships because I'm scared of being alone? 2. Is my family supportive of my relationship? 3. Why or why not?

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