• Carey Stubblefield

Take Back Your Power: Focus on what You Can Control

In a world that has uncertainty all around us, you may be feeling fear, loss of control, unease about the future and so much more. At times like these, ask yourself, “What CAN I shift my focus on, what can I control, & what can I do differently or put into action to make the best of my situation?"

How can you focus on what you ARE in control of & take back your power to control what you can control in a positive & healthy way?

You can train your mind so that your focus remains steadfast & calm. So even though you may be stuck at home, you don’t have to choose to stay stuck.

Ok, so even though many of us are at home now, ask yourself, “where can I put my focus that’s productive, positive, and needed?” for you & your family if you have one. What are you doing that's flexible or making a difference in others' lives? For example, while I do love going into the office to see my clients at work, I now am so excited I have begun doing more coaching from home on Zoom, phone, FaceTime, or Skype (even texting!) AND I get to be home more with my family & my dogs/cats! I can even have dinner ready earlier, & more time to do this blogging I’ve wanted to do but just didn’t take the time to prioritize it & do it before! Funny thing is I love writing & am super excited to give you some content & value that may help you. I’m also working on doing a few FREE Hypnosis recordings on Stress Relief & Releasing Fears of the COVID-19 because I care about people & want to make a bigger difference and bring you more added value. I’m also using this time to clean out closets, organize the pantry, clean out the refrigerators, thinking of other new ways I can contribute, & help you. I’m super excited to bring you more value & make the best of this situation while gaining greater heights. One of my Doctor friends decided to start making sterilized masks to help with the depleted supply everywhere... how awesome is that?! What can you brainstorm to come up with, or how are you exercising a different level of flexibility in your businesses or relationships? Maybe doing a Zoom call with your family members could be fun right now which is something my family just started doing to stay connected and ease those feelings of isolation.

Here’s a list of possibilities you can contemplate and add more of your own:

  • If you're able, maybe adopt a business to help or provide much needed equipment?!

  • Exercise

  • Eat Healthier to help keep your body more alkaline so it stays strong & has a better chance of having a higher immunity, plus it’ll keep you feeling better & you’ll be more fit come swim suit season!

  • Take your Vitamin C & supplements

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Redesign. Restructure, or Reorganize how you do your business to accommodate what is happening now in the world and according to what people need or what is critical to them

  • Clean or reorganize your house-Clean, Reorganize, or de-clutter your basement in which items could be either given away, donated to help others, or thrown away

  • Paint your house and accomplish other home projects

  • Take more time to build relationships with family & friends, or share recipes

  • Learn a foreign language, take up knitting, crocheting, take online classes or other self improvement possibilities you’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time

  • Meditation

  • Read books or magazines

  • Take up Yoga with online videos

  • Groom your pets & work on training techniques with them.. spend more time with them

  • Take up new types of cooking or recipes you’ve wanted to try

  • Learn to play or practice more on that musical instrument you’ve had but haven’t done as much with as you’d like

  • Organize or delete items out of your email boxes

  • Learn a new software program or how to use what you have better

So even though we are in the midst of a challenge, could it also be a time of opportunity to create a life of strength, power, resilience, fulfillment and joy? Yes! Using this time to plant the seeds of growth for a compelling & amazing future is now possible.

Learn how to eliminate harmful or negative thoughts & behaviors while creating & implementing empowering thoughts and feelings!

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Believing in You,

Carey Stubbblefield