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Learn to Relax, & experience a deep state of peace while going inward & remaining present. Allow yourself to let go of your busy day, settle your mindset into self awareness, become more centered, make better decisions, relax, & feel calmer with increased joy.

Hypnosis Therapy Explained...

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where the subconscious level of the mind is in a state of Hyper-Suggestibility.  Suggestions are delivered by the hypnotherapist to the subconscious level of the mind with the conscious mind also being aware of the suggestions, but not reacting in a normal conscious mode.
Did You Know?
-You can enhance your own natural ability, concentration & performance in sports and academics.
-You can quit smoking in 1-3 sessions with out cravings or weight gain.
-You can loose weight without fad dieting, medications or expensive programs.
Who can be hypnotized? Anyone!

What if you can’t bring me out of hypnosis?
There is no danger of a person failing to come out of the hypnotic state. In fact, it would be Impossible to remain hypnotized even if the hypnotherapist left the office while an individual was in the hypnotic state. The person would drift off in a natural state of sleep & would awaken when rested.

Can I be tricked?
No. A person cannot be tricked in doing something under hypnosis any
easier than they could while in a conscious state.
Carey’s Goal as Your Hypnotherapist: to assist & guide her clients to access their subconscious minds to achieve or alter their desired changes in behavior / thinking.Utilizing the power of positive thinking will promote a better life of health & happiness.

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