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As a Life Design Coach, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, and Trainer, my passion is connecting with people, building relationships and empowering clients to realize their truths, wants, needs and influence them in a way that they can solve their own problems in life through educating, and guiding them to evolve and find their true authentic self. This is done through conversations, exercises, and using various NLP methods to help them understand their desires, abilities, strengths, what they really want, and how to get it. This will allow the conversation with them to be more profound and efficient by tuning in to design solutions to help them move forward in amazing ways. Life Coaching Sessions are available via Skype, Zoom or Phone if not available to meet in person.  Call for pricing and a consultation today!

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Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, confused, unhappy, wanting a change in your life, relationship, career, or within yourself, but not sure what to do, or how to get there? NOW is the time to fight for the life you long for!